When the Google Store sells sex toys for $5,000

Google is selling sex toys at its Google Store for $6,000.Google’s search giant says the sex toys it sells are for “the whole family” and offer a “smooth experience.”Google said it’s “showing off” the new Google Store’s collection of sex toys.The search giant is known for offering products for sale on its stores like PlayStations and the Chromebook Pixel.Its products […]

Why don’t we make ice cream at home?

I had been considering the idea of making my own ice cream for quite a while, but when my husband said he wanted to spend more time with his son, I was excited.So when I heard about this awesome project at the ice cream store I decided to make it.My ice cream will be the only thing my husband has to make icecream.He is […]

How to Stop Racism: How to Get Out of Racism

Here are some ideas for how to stop racism: 1.Don’t be afraid to speak up.As soon as you start seeing racism, stop it.Ask questions, ask questions.Don the racist.Be kind to the person you are with.Donate money to the NAACP.If you feel that you have an obligation to your community, call the police.2.Don “come out” of the closet.When you start noticing […]

Why is this man wearing a clown mask?

A man who appeared in a video wearing a mask and clown costume at a New York City Aew Shop last week was reportedly suspended from his job after an investigation.Alyssa Johnson, 28, wore a clown face mask at the Aew shop on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in early February.According to reports, she had no prior criminal record and was […]

How to make a vape from scratch

Vapor Shop in Melbourne’s CBD has just launched its new line of vape kits, including a line of starter kits.It has also launched a second range of e-cigarette products, including one that can be used to create your own vaporiser.Vapor Shop CEO Sam Ritter said the company was launching the kits to give customers a more “unconventional” approach to vaping.“It’s […]

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