‘I’m not going to spend more than £100 on a product’: Sports shop owner to sell sports gear online

Sports gear has become a hot topic at the weekend with people spending more than they spend in a single day on clothing.Online retailer Sportsman’s Market has been selling items for the past few weeks.Its head of sales and retail Alex Breslau says people are looking for “something new”.He says people who don’t normally shop at sporting goods shops are […]

Clinton: We need to have a debate on ISIS

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday that she believes President Donald Trump is right to call for a “debate” on the threat of ISIS.Clinton said the issue is “one we need to talk about,” as the group continues to grow in strength and expand its network of supporters.“The United States is a nation of laws, and we must […]

What’s your new favorite online shopping destination? | How do you compare? | Source Vice News

Target’s online shopping platform, Target, has been rocked by a series of recent hacks, which have seen millions of Target’s customers lose their funds and data, and the company has now announced it will be reopening the site.The company announced it would be shutting down Target Online Shopping on Wednesday and will instead focus on its retail stores, which include […]