‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trailer is ready to go live in theaters, but not in stores: “It’s not a movie. It’s a series of scenes”

The trailer for Fifty Shades of Gray, the forthcoming Fifty Shades Darker movie, has been released online, and it’s already making its way into movie theaters across the country.The trailer, titled “The Return,” was filmed by the team behind the film’s first trailer, and shows off scenes from the film, including a scene in which Anastasia Steele is shown having […]

How you can buy a cyber shop in Australia

Pets shop owners across Australia are calling for urgent action after the emergence of a new breed of cyber shop that can be rented for up to $150 a day.The new breed, dubbed the “cyber kid”, is a relatively new and untested technology.The “cybership” is a new term that is used to describe the ability of someone with access to […]