Why does shopping online take so long?

Online shopping is a bit like taking a train to a destination, but it takes longer than expected.For a start, you have to navigate to a site that has the required features and then enter the details that the site provides.It is a tedious process.Secondly, there are a lot of steps that need to be completed.You have to make sure […]

How to buy ‘soul food’ on the go

I’m a little hesitant to even go into this one.I have no real idea what’s in it.I’m sure some of you will already be able to tell I’m not buying it for a healthy diet.What I do know is that this is the kind of stuff that can make you feel better.You don’t need to go grocery shopping to get […]

When to buy: online shoppers are better than brick-and-mortar retailers

Online shoppers are more efficient at sourcing and making purchases than brick and mortar retailers, according to new research.The findings show shoppers are getting better at shopping, but it also raises questions about the future of the brick-to-mortgage business, which is struggling to find customers online.The study, conducted by the Australian National University and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, was […]