Which barbers and nail salons are the best?

The world’s best barbers have been chosen, based on the recommendations of an expert panel of barbers, salon owners and experts.The BBC has chosen the Top 10 in a nationwide survey of the top 100 most popular grooming facilities in the UK.Top 10 barsbers in the world: 1.Top Dog, Amsterdam 2.The Best, London 3.Black & Mild, Bristol 4.Barcroft, Edinburgh 5.Kama […]

How to shop online in the UK with a gift card

Shop online with a Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover or any other credit card at any of the following UK retailers: The supermarket chain Tesco, Tesco UK, Tescon, Waitrose, Waitress, The Lid, Teschees and The Hairdresser.They can be found all over the UK.The online retailer Ebay offers gift cards and gift vouchers for almost every product on its site.The UK’s largest […]

How to find the best tattoo shop in Miami?

There are few things as frustrating as trying to find a tattoo shop near you.With a slew of tattoo parlors, there’s no shortage of locations to choose from, and some are far better than others.So, what’s the best place to get your tattoo?We’re going to take a look at the best options for your location.First, a little background.Tattoo parlours are […]

How to get a new phone at a candy shop

This article first appeared in Vice News.Vice News is a new vertical platform for news, opinion, and video on topics of global importance.Sign up for the free Vice News newsletter.Vice News is dedicated to reporting the news that matters most to you: the news you care about, from the world’s most powerful news organizations, to the people and organizations that […]

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