Why we have a ‘death penalty’ for drug users

The United States is the only industrialized nation that still holds a death penalty.It’s the only one that’s still used as a punishment for drug offenses, even after a federal judge ruled in 2010 that the death penalty was unconstitutional.And even after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned that ruling, there is a death row inmate currently on the death row […]

‘I’m not going to spend more than £100 on a product’: Sports shop owner to sell sports gear online

Sports gear has become a hot topic at the weekend with people spending more than they spend in a single day on clothing.Online retailer Sportsman’s Market has been selling items for the past few weeks.Its head of sales and retail Alex Breslau says people are looking for “something new”.He says people who don’t normally shop at sporting goods shops are […]

How to save money on a motorcycle ride

The average person would spend about $400 on a new motorcycle in the first year, but for those with a strong riding background it can go as high as $1,400.A new bike can cost up to $3,000, and it’s possible to get a nice used one for as little as $500.However, some motorcycle enthusiasts have been making their own bikes […]

How to find the perfect lawn mower for your garden

If you’ve been keeping up with your lawn mowing and you’re having trouble finding the perfect mower, it may be because of the types of mowers you buy, according to a new Axios survey.The survey found that about 40 percent of consumers say they use a lawn mow more often than they used to.The majority of respondents (65 percent) say […]

Amazon.com, Amazon.ca to merge into Amazon.co.uk

By Tom HoguePublished August 10, 2018 12:30:05A company announced plans on Tuesday to merge with rival Amazon.au, in what could be one of the biggest mergers in history.The announcement came just hours after Amazon.cn announced it was closing down its online bookstore, a move that had caused massive anger and speculation.Amazon.ua announced on Wednesday it would buy e-commerce giant Flipkart […]

The ‘taco-only’ food market is booming

A tony new food shop in Sydney’s south-west has been set up by the owner of a popular taco-only shop, but is it a success?The Taco-Only Shop is located in the old supermarket building at 11 Wollongong Street, and serves tacos, burritos, tacos de curiosa, burrito bowls and much more.Owner Alex Dominguez says he and his partner, Lillian, were able […]

Disney’s Sweet Shop has ‘Sweet’ theme shop

Disney’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme shop has an assortment of shops featuring “sweet” items, including “Café” (a cupcake and a muffin).The shop’s rainbow lights, which come in a variety of colors, are a reference to the rainbow that represents the friendship between princesses Ariel and Belle.Disney Parks Blog: Magic Kingdom park opens with new Magic Kingdom rides and new fireworks […]