How to make your own embroideries

You don’t have to be a professional embroidering machine maker to create embroideried items, but you do need to have a basic sewing knowledge.Here’s how to make a simple one-piece flower bouquet, a beautiful patterned one-button dress or even a simple flower-decorated dress. Read more

What to wear to a party: Fashion essentials

When you’re at a party, you’ll find a plethora of clothes that can be worn to various occasions.We’ve rounded up some of the best-known party favourites from the past year and also a few that are sure to have a pop-up shop to show you how to get the most out of your event.Read more: What to Wear to a […]

How to Pay for Your Bike Repair?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a couple of guys from Bike Repair Shop in St. Petersburg, Florida.They were in their 20s, and they’d been riding around the area for a few years.They asked if I’d like to ride their bike for a day, which I said sure.I also told them that I was […]

Christmas Tree Shop, Pizza Shop to Open in Downtown Atlanta

Atlanta, GA – The Atlanta Christmas Tree shop, Pizza shop, and Christmas tree stand will be opening in downtown Atlanta on December 12th. The store is expected to open by December 20th.The stand will open December 21st. “We are excited to bring Christmas Tree to Downtown Atlanta.We will be showcasing the local Christmas traditions that have been around for over a century […]