‘It’s not a crime to play football’: NFL’s top coaches, players talk to TIME

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Clinton: We need to have a debate on ISIS

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday that she believes President Donald Trump is right to call for a “debate” on the threat of ISIS.Clinton said the issue is “one we need to talk about,” as the group continues to grow in strength and expand its network of supporters.“The United States is a nation of laws, and we must […]

The Top 10 Most Loved Restaurants in the US

Restaurant and bar owners around the country are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for food, especially as consumers look for ways to cut back on food.In some cases, the business of dining is being outsourced to the fast food industry.In others, it’s the work of independent restaurateurs who are trying to keep their businesses alive in a […]

How to spot the latest beauty trend

Smokers are starting to embrace the use of e-cigarettes, which are widely recognised as a safer alternative to cigarettes.But how can you tell the difference?The most obvious difference is the size of the battery pack.Many vape pens and e-cig cartridges are smaller than normal e-cigarette cartridges, which means you can puff them for longer periods of time without having to […]

Best shopping centers for your next vacation

Skate shops in the world.They have the best price for your vacation.Skateboards, board games, skateboards, skateboard, skateboarding, skate board, board, skate, board skate, skate shop.These are the most popular shopping centers in the U.S. These shopping centers are great for people who want to travel around, but also for those who want a bit of a break from the hustle […]