Top 10 Most Expensive Vacations in America

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacations in America

In the past few months, some of America’s most luxurious destinations have made headlines.

A new study from Travelocity says that the Top 10 most expensive vacation destinations in America are as follows:1.

San Francisco, CA2.

Austin, TX3.

Las Vegas4.


San Diego6.


Las Cruces, NM8.


Los Angeles10.

Palm Beach, FLThese 10 destinations have earned the accolades of Travelocity’s Top 10 Vacations category.

“This is a group of places that you wouldn’t expect to be in,” Travelocity VP of Marketing and Business Development Mark Stelzer said in a press release.

“They all have a mix of luxurious amenities and modern design, but the people are the real star of this list.”

For starters, Las Vegas is a must-see destination.

The city has many amenities including its famous casinos, which are also popular for the weekend shopping and nightlife.

The hotels are just as luxurious as the beaches.

If you want to escape to a tropical paradise, the best way to do it is to head to Las Vegas.

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The top five cities in America for luxury vacation rentals are Las Vegas, San Francisco and Austin.

But the Top 15 are in California.

In addition to that, the Top 20 most expensive destinations in the country include:1) New York City2) Boston3) Los Angeles4) Chicago5) Miami6) Dallas7) Orlando8) Salt Lake City9) Las Vegas10) Austin, TexasIf you’re interested in getting the most out of your vacation, check the Top 25 Most Expansive Vacations for Your Next Trip.

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