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How to Get a New Home for $500,000 and Build Your Dream House

How to Get a New Home for $500,000 and Build Your Dream House

The most popular home builder, home-improvement retailer and luxury brand on Amazon is giving away its new house for free.

The house will be made in-house for Amazon’s new home delivery service and it will be available in the next two weeks, according to the seller.

For a limited time, Amazon is offering $500 free of the normal $3,000 price tag.

While the $500 price tag doesn’t include the new house itself, Amazon’s website has a list of items you can buy for $1,500 with the free house.

“It’s the perfect place to start and it’s a home you’ll never forget,” the seller wrote.

Amazon’s first home delivery business is already making waves.

It started last year, and Amazon said in October that it would start delivering its homes from its fulfillment centers to homes in other states in 2018.

The company is also launching a new online-to-offline delivery service in 2017, though the service hasn’t yet started delivering to customers yet. Read more

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