A dirt bike shop in the US for people with autism

A dirtbike shop for people who have autism has opened in the small town of Alameda, California.

The shop sells all types of dirt bikes, such as BMX, mountain bikes, scooters and skateboards, and even skateboards made of dirt.

The owner, Karla Pomerantz, said she was inspired to open the shop after hearing of other businesses that cater to people with disabilities in the area.

“People with autism have a lot of disabilities, and we need these kinds of things,” she said.

“So I thought it would be really cool if we could provide these services.”

Alameda’s main drag is the corner of Highway 101 and Route 99, with a large number of businesses on the main street and a few on the side.

Pomeranz said that after hearing that there was a shop for anyone who was disabled, she started looking for one nearby.

“I came across this small shop that I found that had the same kind of vibe that I would expect of a dirt bike store,” she told Al Jazeera.

“It was very, very small, so I thought, ‘Well, why not?'”

Pomerantz said she found out about the shop from her daughter, who is a member of the community.

“She said she liked the vibe,” Pomerants said.

The couple decided to take their business to a larger store in the nearby town of Sacramento.

The store has been selling the items it sells for a year and has sold out of their selection, Pomerant said.

Since opening the shop in September, the shop has been a regular fixture on the corner.

“We’ve sold almost everything,” Pomradis said.

“We’re not just selling dirt bikes.

We’re selling bikes, wheels, tires, and accessories.”

She said that the shop is popular with people with autistic people because of the fact that they like the unique and creative designs.

“Some of them are just really creative and they like making things,” Pompradis told Alji.

“Some of the people who come to our shop are autistic, so they’re very curious and they really like our designs.

It’s really cool to see a shop that is a safe space for people like us.”

She hopes that other shops in the community will follow suit.

“In the end, if people are out there and they want to buy anything from us, they can come to us,” she added.

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