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Why we don’t know what Donald Trump’s Twitter feed was for before he started tweeting, by the way

Why we don’t know what Donald Trump’s Twitter feed was for before he started tweeting, by the way

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, may have a habit of tweeting about anything and everything, but the last few weeks have been a bit different.

As we all know, he’s been tweeting about everything, and the President has taken to Twitter to promote a new project, a new line of hair products, and a new haircut.

The President’s Instagram account, @POTUS, has become a go-to for many in the hair industry, including myself.

It has become his go- to for the latest news and updates on the latest trends in hair care, as well as the latest hairstyles that are on the market.

While we all have a certain amount of faith in President Trump to be honest with us, it seems like he doesn’t always know what’s going on with his Twitter feed.

What’s up with the President’s hair?

Why is the President tweeting about hair products and haircuts, but not about his own hair?

Let’s take a look at the history of Trump’s hair and the stories behind some of the more bizarre tweets.

The Hairline That Changed History, Part 1 The Hair of the President Trump Donald Trump is known for his long locks.

His hair is so short, it is usually not long enough to reach his forehead, and his bangs can often get in the way.

So what was his reason for wanting to get a haircut?

He didn’t want to lose his hairline, and he wanted to keep it that way.

He would say that he didn’t like the way it looked and that he was tired of looking like a bald head.

The hair he was growing at the time, in his mid-20s, was very short.

He had it in three pieces.

He said he liked the look and wanted to try to keep that, but he wasn’t sure how it would look when he grew it back.

He decided to get it back, but it was going to be longer.

Trump did not want to go with the traditional cut, which is to grow a new full head of hair every year, as opposed to trimming it.

He wanted to have a full head every year.

In the end, he chose to have it longer, but without the fullness.

The new haircut is called the “POWER” haircut, named after a popular TV show from the 1970s.

The haircut started when he decided to have his hair cut in February 2016, a year after he became president.

In this photo from February 16, 2017, President Donald Trump attends a ceremonial swearing-in ceremony for a new secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, at the White House in Washington, DC.

Trump was at the inauguration of the new secretary on February 16.

The hairstyle is now known as the “Power” haircut.

In 2017, he also decided to add another piece of hair to his hair, a comb.

In August of 2017, Trump made headlines when he cut his hair short and shaved it off.

In an interview with The Washington Post, he explained, “I had a bad haircut in January and I’m a big fan of the old style, so I thought I would do a hair cut and see what happened.”

He said that the haircut made him look like a younger version of himself.

He also claimed to have lost 30 pounds during the haircut.

That hair-cutting incident happened in late January and early February.

Trump then announced on February 17 that he had decided to make another haircut, this time to add a new part of his head to his scalp.

He shaved his head and shaved the comb, adding a new piece of his hair.

Trump had previously shaved his face and had been bald for years.

In January, he told People magazine, “There are a lot of reasons for this haircut.

There are a bunch of different reasons.

There’s a whole lot of things that go into it.

It’s a very simple haircut, and I just wanted to do it.”

In February, he was in Florida for the inauguration ceremony of Rex Tillerson.

Trump told People Magazine that he has always liked the hair he’s grown.

He told People, “My hair has always been my signature and my signature has always always been the Power.

So, I decided to do a haircut that is a little longer.

It was a little shorter than my last haircut.”

On February 22, he tweeted that he would be wearing a new wig to wear in public, to help conceal his hair from the cameras.

In fact, he has been wearing the wig since February 20.

He then tweeted that his wife, Melania, had called him to say he was going bald, and she had advised him not to shave it.

In March, Trump took to Instagram to announce that he will be wearing the new “Power haircut” for a week.

The first few days of the haircut were the most chaotic.

“I’ve been very quiet,” Trump said, according to