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Which store in the CBD has the biggest selection of weed?

Which store in the CBD has the biggest selection of weed?

A store in Melbourne’s CBD has been named as the second most popular weed shop in the country.

The CBD Westmead Mall, which has been around since the 1970s, boasts an extensive cannabis selection, including shops like Weed Shop Lowes and Gun Shop Vac.

The store, which is owned by owner Richard G.D. O’Sullivan, has also received rave reviews for its clean and modern design.

“This is a fantastic store and it’s a great spot for our customers,” Mr O’ Sullivan told FourFourtwo.

“They can find whatever they need and we’ve been very happy with the way the store has responded to our customer needs.”

Mr O’Brien said his store was more of a “shopping centre” and offered a wide range of products for customers to choose from.

“Our cannabis selection is not a complete range of items, but it is a very broad range of different products,” he said.

“We’ve got things like gummy bears, candy, mints, cannabis and a lot of other things.”

He said it was a great location to visit if you wanted a drink or some cannabis-infused snacks.

“I like the fact we don’t have to walk out of the store every time we need something.”

If you need to come to the store in a day, we have an hour-long wait time,” Mr D O Sullivan said.

A large number of customers have been visiting the store since it opened in July.”

People who come in and just want a quick fix, you don’t want to spend hours at a time,” he added.”

A lot of times when we’ve had customers come in to get a few grams of cannabis or a small amount, they’re willing to spend an hour or two and come back.


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