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What’s in your new bike?

What’s in your new bike?

In the past few years, bicycle retailers have begun to grow in numbers and have established their presence in the local market.

They’ve also been steadily expanding their offerings.

Here are some of the major bike brands that are now expanding their presence and offering a wide variety of products. 

BikeShoeRack, Inc. Bike ShoeRacks is an online bike retailer, offering a range of quality bike accessories.

It has locations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Bikes can be purchased at its brick-and-mortar stores, bike-rental stations, and online.

The online shop offers a variety of accessories and bikes to help riders and their families enjoy a more active lifestyle. 

CarBike, Inc., is a bike shop that offers a wide selection of quality bikes.

Its online shop also has locations across the country. 

Coffee Bike Company, Incorporated, is a local bike shop and bike shop owner based in Santa Rosa, California.

Coffee Bike offers a large selection of bicycle bikes, bike parts, and accessories, including custom frame kits and frames. 

Cycling in a Changing Climate, Inc.(CCI) is a national, nonprofit organization that focuses on the development of a national policy for the sustainable use of bicycles and all of its associated infrastructure.

CCI works to ensure that bicycles are used for transportation and for other purposes in a way that is sustainable, safe, and affordable for all people. 

Dangerous Industries, Inc.: DIR, a non-profit corporation founded in 1988, is the leading distributor of bicycle parts, accessories, and apparel.

The company has locations all over the United States, including California, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin. 

EcoBike: EcoBike is a nationwide bike-share program that has partnered with BikeSafe, a national nonprofit organization with programs in communities across the United Kingdom.

EcoBikes are specially designed for people who live or work in low-income communities.

They are also great for families and children. 

FlexBike provides bikes, parts, apparel, accessories and more to the bicycle community.

The bike shop is based in Sacramento, California and has locations throughout the U.S. Flyer Bike, Inc, is an apparel company that sells bike accessories and apparel at retail, online, and at bike stores.

It also has a bicycle repair shop in California, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia. 

Gibbs Bike Company is a non–profit organization that provides bicycles to children.

It provides bike parts and apparel, and is located in Santa Barbara, California, and has offices throughout the country and in several other countries. 

Green Bikes, Inc.; Green Bikes Bike Shop is a manufacturer and distributor of carbon-fiber bicycle components, parts and accessories.

The Green Bites shop offers an assortment of bicycles, accessories (both brand-name and locally sourced), and accessories from various bicycle manufacturers. 

KaraCycle, Inc: KacyKacy is a global bicycle apparel company with locations in more than 40 countries.

KacyKitty offers a range from casual and affordable bikes to full-on touring bikes and fully customizable bicycles. 

LandingSolo, Inc.—Landing Solo is a brand that helps riders find the perfect ride in the best way.

It offers a full range of bikes and accessories for every type of riding experience, from beginner to intermediate. 

LowesBikeShop, Inc.–Lowes Bike Shop provides bicycle and accessories stores, rentals, and bike repair.

The store has locations on more than 10 continents, and its bikes can be rented, sold, or returned. 

Mashable, Inc.’s product catalog is the largest online store of its kind. 

Nike, a leading global company, has been expanding its presence in cities across the globe. 

PaceBike offers a broad selection of high-quality bicycles and apparel in select locations around the world. 

PlasticBikeCo, Inc.–The most recent addition to the PaceBike family, PlasticBike Co. offers an extensive range of apparel, bikes, accessories for sale and rental, and other bike and accessory accessories. 

Salsa Bicycle Co. is a California-based company that provides a wide range of bike and apparel options for both women and men. 

Strava, Inc.-Stravas is a social cycling platform for riders. 

SwissBike has locations worldwide, including the United Arab Emirates and Australia. 

Toyo Bicycles, Inc is a bicycle retail and service company that offers bicycle accessories, accessories kits, and bikes at various retail and online stores. 

Uniqlo, Inc has locations around Canada and the United states, as well as a bike repair and maintenance facility. 

Upright Bike, a Upright Bicycle Store, is based

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