The ‘taco-only’ food market is booming

The ‘taco-only’ food market is booming

A tony new food shop in Sydney’s south-west has been set up by the owner of a popular taco-only shop, but is it a success?

The Taco-Only Shop is located in the old supermarket building at 11 Wollongong Street, and serves tacos, burritos, tacos de curiosa, burrito bowls and much more.

Owner Alex Dominguez says he and his partner, Lillian, were able to attract a large number of customers to the shop as the shop became a popular place to eat out.

“People are coming in from the suburbs because they have a big drive and it is cheaper to go to a local restaurant,” Mr Domingez said.

“They have a lot of money and a lot more disposable income, so they want to eat fast food.”

The store has been running since April and has been selling a range of Mexican, Asian, Korean and Thai dishes, along with a variety of items from Mexican food to Mexican food and tacos.

Mr Doming, who said the shop was very successful, said the main reason for the success was because customers were coming in to eat.

“There is a great sense of community here,” he said.

He said the owners and staff were always open to suggestions.

“We don’t ask for money or any special preferences.

We just want to be friendly and we want people to be happy.”

Our goal is to be a friendly place to go eat.

“Mr Dinguez said the restaurant would also be able to serve other types of food, such as burgers and wings.”

That is something we would like to see more of in the future,” he added.”

The only thing that I would change is the number of tables that we have, because we don’t want people sitting on the floor eating all the food.

“But critics said the idea of a taco shop is a risky one.”

It seems a bit too much like a Mexican food restaurant,” said Wendy, who runs the popular Taco Cafe on Wollngong Street.”

Tacos are not Mexican food.

They are a fusion of food.

It’s not authentic Mexican food.

“She said the Taco Shop was a good idea, but it was difficult to sell tacos to a large group of people at one time.”

To do that is very challenging,” Ms Whittaker said.

The Taco Shop has not yet opened, but the owners hope to open a second location by next month.

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