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The latest budgie gun shop is about to go live

The latest budgie gun shop is about to go live


Budgie gun store owner James Pomerantz is in the final stages of securing a lease on the space at 628 East Monterey St. in downtown Berkeley.

The location is the newest tenant at the shop.

“I’ve been working for a long time, and it’s the beginning of something bigger,” Pomeranz said.

The lease is up in September and the landlord wants to lease the space for two years.

The space will have to be leased out for at least two more years, but it’s unlikely to be open for that long.

Pomerantz said he’s had conversations with landlords before, but nothing is on the cards at this point.

Pombergis goal is to open the store by the end of the year, which he said would allow him to move ahead with his dream of having a gun shop in downtown.

He said the lease is the only way he can get the shop up and running.

“This store will be a destination for anyone looking to buy or sell,” Pomberg, a veteran of the U.S. military, said.

“This is what I’m looking for.

I’m not looking to get a pawn shop.

I am. “

I want to have a gun, I want to be able to sell guns, I have a license, I’m comfortable in the store.

I am.

I can get my license in three months, so I want it to be here by the time I am done with my life.”

Budgie gun owner James, left, and his wife, Michelle, wait to buy a Budgie at the new store at 6288 Monterey Street in Berkeley, Calif., Tuesday, June 15, 2020.

The gun shop owner said he plans to be ready to open by the start of 2019.

(John Locher/The Chronicle)Budges owner, James Pomberger, waits in line at the 6288 West Monterey street Budgie shop at 6281 West Montererey St., Berkeley, CA, Tuesday, May 17, 2020.(John Lochere/The Associated Press)Buds owner, Jim Pomerberg, with his wife Michelle, and wife Amanda, at the entrance of the 6281-West Monterey-Syracuse shopping center in Berkeley on Monday, April 17, 2021.

Pomerbeck said he and his girlfriend, Amanda, are looking for a house to rent in their neighborhood.

Pompierz said he has been looking for something new to start a gun range, and he has not had any luck so far.

Pomo said he would be willing to help others with gun permits.

He would also like to see a local gun store open a few more times a year in Berkeley.

“I think we can make it happen,” he said.

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