How to make sure you’re in a safe situation when you’re on the road

How to make sure you’re in a safe situation when you’re on the road

A series of videos from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have helped drivers avoid getting into accidents.

The videos, released Monday by the NHTSA, offer tips on how to be prepared for the worst in a crowded highway when traveling on a busy interstate.

The agency said in the videos, posted online by, that drivers need to be aware of how the highway is lit, and how the lighting system works.

Drivers should be aware that the lighting can change at any time.

A light on the side of the highway will show a yellow light, which means that a vehicle is approaching or is traveling at a high rate of speed.

When driving, drivers should look out for the traffic, which could be coming from behind or from the side.

When the vehicle is traveling fast, drivers can often spot other cars in the intersection.

In the video, NHTAC safety coordinator Scott Besser shows how to use the flashing lights to make a lane change if the light is green, and warns drivers that when the lights are flashing, they should not drive over other cars, as that could result in a collision.

Besser also shows how the lights should be used to slow down or stop a vehicle, if the vehicle in the center lane has a speed restriction.

When the lights turn green, the traffic signal will turn red, indicating a red light, and if the driver turns left or right, the signal will become red.

The yellow signal indicates a yellow, green, or red light.

Driving safely on the highway means being aware of the flashing light system and driving in a lane.

Bessers video also shows drivers how to adjust their speed, stop, and brake, if necessary.

The NHTS has more than 6,000 safety videos posted online, according to the agency.

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