How to find the perfect lawn mower for your garden

How to find the perfect lawn mower for your garden

If you’ve been keeping up with your lawn mowing and you’re having trouble finding the perfect mower, it may be because of the types of mowers you buy, according to a new Axios survey.

The survey found that about 40 percent of consumers say they use a lawn mow more often than they used to.

The majority of respondents (65 percent) say they’ve purchased a lawnmower they use less than once a month, while 29 percent say they purchased one that they used once a week or less.

Mowers made by many of the major mower manufacturers fell out of favor in recent years, with the most popular models (such as the C3 and C4) getting fewer and fewer customers.

According to the survey, customers also said that they buy a mower with a specific purpose, such as cutting grass.

The survey asked consumers to name their top five lawn mowers for that purpose.

The most popular choice for those who wanted to cut grass was the C4 (79 percent), followed by the C5 (63 percent), and the C7 (57 percent).

The survey also asked consumers about their most used mowers.

The most popular option was the K8 (36 percent), while the C8 (34 percent) and the E5 (32 percent) were the most used.

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