5 things you need to know about the littlest pet shop in Australia

5 things you need to know about the littlest pet shop in Australia

It’s a popular pet store in Sydney’s CBD, but is it the best pet store?

That depends on how you define “best”.

It’s one of those pet stores where the best is good enough.

And, according to our experts, it’s one the best in Australia.

So, when the Littlest Pet Shop in the CBD opens for business in the spring, you can expect to see a selection of everything from plushies to dogs to cats, and it’s all priced at under $50.

And that’s on top of the free pet adoptions.

“We’ve got so many people come here for free that we’ve had people who are not even getting in with their dog and cat,” Littleston Pet Shop manager and owner, Jody Bowers, told the ABC.

“And we’ve got lots of kittens and a couple of dogs who have no names yet.”

Ms Bowers is also known for making her customers feel comfortable.

“They’ve got a really nice atmosphere here, they come here to be greeted, they say hello, they talk to us about their lives, they’re really lovely people,” she said.

Littliest Pet Shop: What you need for a great visit 1.

Pet shopping, no excuses: You can get everything from puppies to cats.


Pet adoption and rescue: “We have a very good pet adoption centre here,” Ms Bows said.

“So we’ll work with people who need help and have a home for them, and then we’ll come to the rescue, and help them get back into a healthy, healthy relationship.”


Pets of all sizes: There are plenty of pet toys to choose from, including cute dogs and cats.


Meet people you’ve never met before: There’s a big selection of pet shops across Sydney, including one in the Southbank, which is a popular spot for cat owners to visit.


Free adoptions: It’s free to adopt a pet.

“For our dogs, we don’t do adoption,” Ms Cottrell said.

But you can also bring your own animal, or choose from a list of pets available for adoption.

Pet Shop staff say this is the best way to meet people in the local area, and also to meet a variety of other people, all for under $20.

It’s all a bit quirky, but Littest Pet Shop owner Jody says it’s great to see the city grow.

“It’s always nice to see people come and see the shops and meet people who normally wouldn’t come in the first place,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

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I think Sydney is definitely the best city in Australia to visit for people.”

Check out our top five tips for a good visit to Sydney!

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