Wizards celebrate Stanley Cup win with Stanley Cup trophy

Wizards celebrate Stanley Cup win with Stanley Cup trophy

WASHINGTON — The Washington Wizards were thrilled to win their first Stanley Cup championship since 1997.

The team took the Stanley Cup home from the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Finals on Sunday night, but it wasn’t quite a celebration.

The Washington Wizards celebrated with a trophy, but the trophy didn’t exactly match the joy they felt as they celebrated the Stanley Bowl win.

The trophy that they handed out to the fans at the game wasn’t exactly the same as the one they had on hand, with some of the players sporting a new number.

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis wore the number 1 in his jersey to the game, but that wasn’t the only one the team had on display.

Some players wore number 7, but most wore number 8.

Leonsis told reporters he didn’t think the team was celebrating the victory.

“I’m a little surprised, because it was a really good year, and a lot of our guys did really well,” Leonsi said.

“But we’re going to try to be as humble as we can.

We’re just going to celebrate it and move on with our lives.

I mean, this is a good win.

We all know that, but I don’t think it was the celebration that we had.”

Leonsi told the Washington Post he didn, however, think the win was an easy one.

“We had the first team to win a Stanley Cup, so you’re not going to have a lot [of] excuses,” he said.

“We were able to win the Stanley Cups, so we’ve been fortunate.”

The Stanley Cup is awarded annually by the NHL.

The championship trophy is the first trophy to be awarded, and it is one of the most coveted trophies in sports.

The first Stanley Cups won by the Washington Capitals and the Los Angeles Kings were in 1989 and 1992.

The Stanley Trophy is the highest honor in the NHL and the only trophy to have been presented by the NBA, MLB and the NHLPA.

The Capitals won the Stanley cup in 1993 and 1998.

The Capitals and Los Angeles Bruins won the Cup in 2005 and 2008.

Leonysis was asked about the Cup’s value and what the trophy means to the team.

“It’s a great honor for the players and our fans to have the opportunity to win something like this,” Leonysi said, “and to have it come to the area where we have it now.

And that’s what this is about.”

Leoniesis added that the Stanley Trophy will be displayed in a room on the first floor of the team’s hotel and restaurant in the Nationals Park area of Washington, D.C.

The NHL has said the Stanley trophy is a symbol of the power of the National Basketball Association.

The National Basketball Players Association said the trophy will be available to players at the hotel, restaurant and hotel bar where the team will be staying.