Why Macy’s will be closing its barbershop in Las Vegas

Why Macy’s will be closing its barbershop in Las Vegas

By JASON KIRKLAND, Associated Press barber: I’m a regular in Las Vegas.

I’m used to seeing a couple of guys at the barbers, and sometimes I even do my own thing.

It’s kind of fun.

They’ve always been a part of the fabric of the town.

And I think the barber’s got a little bit of a problem with it.

I think they’ve lost the community.

You’re kind of in a bubble and you’re not allowed to be outside.

And they’re the ones who have to clean up the mess.

So it’s not like they’re a bunch of good guys who are doing their job.

It seems like the baristas just don’t understand what it means to be a barber.

They think they’re doing it for the barbies and not the community, which is a little odd.

It makes me sad.

And also the bar owners, because it’s their job to make sure that people look good, and they’re making money, and it’s hard to see the barista or the barbie in the background.

But it seems like a small thing, but that’s really important to them.

And it’s kind, a really important thing to them and really important for the town to have a barbers shop.

You can’t just turn it off.

They need to have that community.

So, I think Macy’s is the one to go.

It is a great store.

It has a really good selection.

They can’t compete with what you can get at Sears or Kohl’s.

Macy’s has a lot of stores in Las Vegas.

It can compete with them.

You know, Macy’s doesn’t have a lot in terms of high-end fashion stores.

But they do have some really good, high-quality merchandise.

I know a lot more about their business than I do Macy’s.

So I’ll probably come back to Macy’s again when I’m back in Las.

If I need something, they’ll have it.

And the service is great.

So you know, they’re definitely a good option.

And again, if they can keep it going, I’m going to come back.

So yeah, Macy is going to close its barber shops.

They’re going to shut down its hair salon.

And that’s a good thing for everybody.

Reporter: The closure of Macy’s barbershops has drawn a lot people to the city, including a group of local residents who are organizing a boycott of the department store.

This is the second barber store in Las Vega.

The first, a small one that closed its doors in 2006, has been the target of a similar boycott campaign in 2009.

So people come to this barbers store and they see what’s going on and they just want to get out.

And this is a bar where people come from all over the world, and you don’t know who they are. Reporter

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