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When the Google Store sells sex toys for $5,000

When the Google Store sells sex toys for $5,000

Google is selling sex toys at its Google Store for $6,000.

Google’s search giant says the sex toys it sells are for “the whole family” and offer a “smooth experience.”

Google said it’s “showing off” the new Google Store’s collection of sex toys.

The search giant is known for offering products for sale on its stores like PlayStations and the Chromebook Pixel.

Its products include the Google Play Store, Google’s Play Music Store, and Google Play Movies and TV.

Sex toys are just one of many categories that Google is targeting in its new Store.

The search giant also recently rolled out a porn collection, which it’s selling at $4,999.

The company says it’s adding more categories to the Store, including toys and clothing, which will be available at $5 each.