What does the new term fat mean for a supermarket?

What does the new term fat mean for a supermarket?

New Scientist article New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans to introduce a new “fat quarter shop” on Manhattan’s West Side.

The space will feature a “fat sandwich shop” and “fat cafe” on each floor, according to the MTA.

A “fat shop” will be “a place where you can eat at home while you shop,” the MTA says.

“A fat quarter store is a place where customers can choose from a wide range of products and services, such as salads, desserts, baked goods, breads, pastries, and more,” the authority says on its website.

The “fat café” will serve “food, beverages, and other drinks made with fat.”

The space also plans to “advance community health through wellness activities and nutrition education.” 

The MTA says it wants to “reinvent the neighborhood.”

“We are seeking a new type of retail space in the West Village that will reflect the diversity and vibrancy of our community,” the agency says on the website.

“It will have a diverse and inclusive mix of food and beverage offerings, a café and a full bar.

The project is open to the public.”

A new “Fat Quarter Shop” is planned for the West Side, in New York.

The new space will include a “Fat Sandwich Shop” and a “Fitness Cafe” on every floor.

A new Fat Quarter Shop is planned in the new West Village. (The MTA) (The MTA), Image via the MTA/Flickr user Creative Commons License

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