The ultimate shopping experience

The ultimate shopping experience

Three of the best places to shop in Melbourne are all located in the CBD, and the only difference between them is the weather.

We asked four of the top five Melbourne retailers for their top three favourite places to visit when the weather is nice and they shared their best tips.


Popsafe Melbourne, 3rd on our list of the city’s best shopping experiences.

Pop-up restaurants are popping up everywhere in the city, and Popsafe has just been named one of the Best Places to Shop Melbourne for 2017.

Paysite offers a large selection of vegan and gluten-free food, including the famous Popsaw, a crispy vegan pizza, as well as their vegan bread, cookies and jam.

They also sell some of the most popular flavours like carrot cake and banana pecan.

They have a large kitchen, so you can get your favourite baked goods ready on the spot.

You can also buy vegan cheese and nuts on the go, and even a vegan chicken sandwich is a favourite with the crowd.


Soho Melbourne, 4th on our best shopping experience list.

The Soho store is one of Melbourne’s most popular spots for shopping, and they’ve been around since the 1980s, so it’s no surprise that their famous Pizzas & Chips have been around for generations.

They sell vegan food, as is their pizza, and also a huge selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

There are a few vegan cafes in the store, and you can also shop for a vegan lunch at their food courts.

It’s also one of our top 3 favourite Melbourne shops to visit during the summer months.


Wollongong and Wolloomooloo, 4ths and 5th on the list of top 5 Melbourne shopping experiences, respectively.

If you’re looking for a casual spot to spend the afternoon, they’re right up your alley.

They’re a favourite in the community for their amazing vegan food and vegan coffee, and their famous vegan cake is a hit.

You’ll also find a selection of the local artisanal goods they make for the shop’s customers.

If it’s the weekend, they have a huge pop-up restaurant with a huge range of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free food, plus a vegan and vegetarian bakery.

It can also be great for your kids, as you can pick up some delicious vegan treats on the way home.


The Warehouse, 5th.

The warehouse is the most famous location for shopping in Melbourne, and we think it’s a perfect spot for any type of business.

If your looking for some fresh, local produce, they also have a vegan produce section.

The store also sells a lot of produce from the nearby farmer’s market, so if you want to go vegan, you can always pick up the produce on the side.

There’s also a vegan café on site, so there’s plenty of food and drinks to choose from.


The Westfield, 6th.

If there’s one place you can shop that doesn’t have a name, it’s The Westfields.

If not, there’s an amazing selection of local produce available in their garden, so the selection of groceries and vegan products is incredible.

There is also a local butcher, and there’s also some great local craft beers on tap.

They are one of a few stores that have a bakery and a coffee shop.

They’ve also got a great vegan selection, and are one that has a great atmosphere and a great staff.

They even have a cute little shop for kids, so they have something for everyone.

More from More great Melbourne shopping tips from Find your best Melbourne shopping experience at our list below: The Westfield Melbourne CBD, 3 locations: Westfield, 30 Carlton St, Melbourne, 30003, (02) 4353 2560, [email protected], Facebook The Warehouse, South Yarra, Southbank, 30004, (08) 9999 2558, info @thewarehousemelbourne, Facebook The Warehouse Melbourne CBD Westfield Westfield South Yarram North Yarram, 2 locations: South Yarrie, 100, Stirling Rd, Melbourne | Melbourne City, 605, Bondi Junction, Melbourne The warehouse is one the most prominent shopping areas in the Westfield area, so we recommend visiting there to get a feel for how much it’s worth.

The Wollongsong and West Hills stores are two other popular places to go shopping, but it’s important to note that you’ll be taking a different route to them when it comes to shopping.

The Wolloos is located right across from the Wollonsons supermarket, while the Wohollsons is just a couple of blocks away from the West Hills.

Find out more about the best Melbourne CBD shopping experiences from Four Four Two.

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