Lowe’s is making its own kebabs, says CEO

Lowe’s is making its own kebabs, says CEO

It’s hard to find a burger shop in a high-crime neighborhood.

But Lowes is making the kababs it does in a more upscale setting.

Kebabs are the go-to fast food item for the hipsters of Brooklyn.

Lowes, which makes the sandwiches, burgers and pizzas, said it has about 2,000 locations in the U.S. and abroad.

It has also opened a kiosk in New York City’s East Village, where customers can order a bag of kabobs and a salad, a kabob bowl or a burger.

The kiosk will offer customers at least two kabab sandwiches and a kbab salad.

“We have a really great relationship with the East Village,” Lowes spokesman Matt Reardon said.

“We’ve had a really strong relationship with our East Village and have been working on building our relationships there.”

Lowes plans to open a third kiosk and a third delivery center in Manhattan.

It is also partnering with food trucks, a food court, an art gallery and a clothing store.