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‘It’s the most beautiful place on earth’: An Australian woman’s journey from New South Wales to the Red Planet

‘It’s the most beautiful place on earth’: An Australian woman’s journey from New South Wales to the Red Planet

A young woman who’s just had a heart attack and is in intensive care has shared a poignant story about being in the “most beautiful place in the world”.

She’s now travelling to the planet Mars.

The 24-year-old woman, who was not named in the ABC story, has had two heart attacks since 2013.

She had been on the verge of death for two years before her sister and her mother were able to find a cure.

The story has captivated Australia.

In this video, the young woman shares her journey from the Red Moon to Mars.

It has been recorded by a young woman from Sydney, and she shared it with the ABC’s Four Corners program.

Ms Dickson said she was inspired by her sister, who has been battling a life-threatening disease, and her “love of travel”.

The story was captured in a video she took last year with her sister.

It was shot on her phone in New South’s south-west, in the same neighbourhood where she grew up.

The woman’s mother and father were both on their way to the Moon when the video was recorded.

They decided to take a photo of her on the Red and Blue Planet with the caption “it’s the coolest place in earth.”

They then made a video about it, with Ms Dinson’s sister, “totally inspired”.

She said she thought “it would be awesome if we had this video”.

“I just thought, what if I had a camera on the Mars mission and shot this video on Mars, just to see how it would feel?”

The video was shot at a location where the spacecraft landed on Mars in March 2018.

“We thought that we could take some of the video that we’ve captured in the Red Mars landing and put it up on our Facebook page,” she said.

Ms Houdek is the daughter of a medical doctor.

She said the footage of her mother and grandmother walking on the planet was “just amazing”.

She had “never thought of” visiting Mars.

“I was really scared.

I just couldn’t believe it was actually happening,” she told the ABC.

She started volunteering to go to Mars on the mission in September.

“It’s just like, ‘What’s next?’

But the whole thing just kind of turned into, ‘You know what?

It’s a real treat. “

I’m the youngest person in the whole world to go there and I’m just absolutely blown away.

It’s a real treat.

I’ve been to Mars, I’ve done my best to make sure I get on the spaceship.”

She had hoped to go on the second trip in 2020, but missed her sister’s birthday party in September due to her illness.

“But I have my sister there to go and help,” she laughed.

The young woman said she has been “really excited” to see the progress she is making.

“That’s the only thing I can think of, that I’m in a really good place,” she added.

Ms Vell said it was important to celebrate the young women journey.

“The journey to Mars is a huge thing.

The world is a little bit more accepting of the fact that they’re human and that they have a human right to exist,” she explained.

“They have a right to do what they want to do, they have the right to eat whatever they want, they are entitled to sleep wherever they want.”

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