How to save money and buy more books in the Amazon shopping cart

How to save money and buy more books in the Amazon shopping cart

Fox Sports has a great guide on how to save on Amazon purchases, so if you’re a bookworm, here’s how you can get that extra shelf space.

Amazon Shopping Cart – How to buy more Amazon books and TV shows with easeRead moreWhen you go to you will see a “Buy More” button, that will show you a list of books and shows you can buy with a little effort. 

Once you click on that, you can scroll through the books and get the exact title you want, or click on a title to buy it for a small fee. 

Amazon also has a book store on their site, where you can see all the titles you have and see if you can purchase them for a discount. 

The list of titles you can click on includes: The Avengers: Age of Ultron The Dark Knight Returns The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife Doctor Strange The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Marvel Comics: Avengers Assemble Marvel Studios: Avengers Age of Apocalypse Marvel Television: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel TV: Agents Of S.A.M. Movies: Avengers Marvel: Avengers All-New All-Different Marvel Universe The Secret Life of Pets Supernatural: The Beginning Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Series Warner Bros. Home Entertainment: Batman: Arkham Knight Warners Bros.

Home Entertainment: Wonder Woman Warrior: The Fall of Atlantis Warriors: Avengers: Infinity War Walt Disney: Disney Parks Blog The Walt Disney Company: WALT DISNEY WORLD Disney Store: Walmart: – Walmarts: Marlboro and TJ Maxx Kmart: – K-Mart:  Wal-Mart Supercenter: Toys R Us: Target: Halloween: Lucky Charms: Krogans: Carnival Cruise Line: Costco: Amex: Gift Cards: Fashion Meister: Cheap Thrills: Visa: MasterCard: American Express: PayPal: Uber: Zillow: E-Trade: Pulse: USAA: Credit Cards: Bank of America: Bank of Montreal: Capital One: Barclays: All the banks listed below will give you discounts, so check their websites to see if they have them. 

You can find a link to each bank here:  Amazon Link: Sale, Amazon Prime and Amazon Kindle Prime: Link Amazon:  Amazon Kindle Prime Prime: Link  Link  Amazon Amazon Link

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