Amazon Prime Video streaming service, the latest new items, and new deals

Amazon Prime Video streaming service, the latest new items, and new deals

By Kim ShiflettThe video-streaming service Amazon Prime video streaming service launched on Friday with a flurry of new deals and promotions.

The site had the most deals at $7.99, with a slew of deals on new items and a new collection of items to be released on Monday.

The site’s new video service offers a new way to stream video and video-on-demand content to your Amazon Prime members.

Members will be able to watch videos and videos of current Prime members’ Amazon Prime content from their Amazon Prime account.

The video streaming feature is not limited to Prime members, but Amazon said its video content will be available to other Amazon Prime customers on a rolling basis.

The company is also offering Prime members a way to watch video of new items from their Prime collection, with new Prime items hitting the service in the next few weeks.

Other deals are also available on the Amazon Prime App.

The Amazon Prime app includes the ability to view and buy new Prime deals from other Prime members who are also viewing and buying new items.

Amazon Prime has also launched a video shopping service that allows members to view the latest and greatest Amazon Prime items on their device.

The Amazon Prime store is also now available in select cities across the U.S. Amazon’s Prime app has been available since last year.

Prime members can view Prime video content on their mobile devices via the Amazon app and the video streaming app.

The app allows members who don’t own an Amazon device to watch Prime videos and watch Prime content on the go.