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Why is this man wearing a clown mask?

Why is this man wearing a clown mask?

A man who appeared in a video wearing a mask and clown costume at a New York City Aew Shop last week was reportedly suspended from his job after an investigation.

Alyssa Johnson, 28, wore a clown face mask at the Aew shop on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in early February.

According to reports, she had no prior criminal record and was trying to sell a mask to a man who looked like a clown.

Johnson told The Post on Monday that she was at the store when she was asked to leave.

A manager at the shop reportedly told her she needed to leave the store, and she left.

When Johnson returned, she said that the manager told her to go back into the store and was “just saying I don’t care.”

When Johnson tried to go into the checkout area, she was told that no one was allowed to enter.

She said she was then told to wait in line until she was allowed back into her store.

Johnson said that she walked out and was not allowed to use the restroom.

The store owner allegedly called her a “puppet,” according to The Post.

Johnson said that when she left the store with her son, he asked what was going on.

Johnson responded that the store owner was “very upset” and that she should leave, as she had violated a company policy.

She then told her son that she did not want to go through with the plan, but he told her not to worry.

Johnson, who was a recent graduate of the New York Academy of Music and Dance, said she felt unsafe and that a security guard told her that she would have to leave immediately.

Johnson also said that some customers started chanting “Sheesh, we can’t let her in!”

The owner, who she did have contact with, did not return calls for comment on Monday.

Johnson posted a statement on Instagram Tuesday that she had been suspended for two weeks, and that her attorney is trying to find a new job.

The statement said she has been “shamed and humiliated” by the incident and said she is working to recover from the trauma.

“The company did not take this incident seriously and it is a violation of our policy and our employee rights to not allow anyone in our store to enter or use the store,” she wrote.

“The entire Aew staff and I are working hard to come to a resolution with this company and restore our trust in the world.”

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