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Why don’t we make ice cream at home?

Why don’t we make ice cream at home?

I had been considering the idea of making my own ice cream for quite a while, but when my husband said he wanted to spend more time with his son, I was excited.

So when I heard about this awesome project at the ice cream store I decided to make it.

My ice cream will be the only thing my husband has to make icecream.

He is obsessed with ice cream and loves the challenge of making it himself.

Here’s what I did.


I decided to take a piece of ice cream that was in the freezer and freeze it, leaving room for a tube of milk.


I used a disposable coffee filter to pour the milk into the ice cream tube.


Then I scooped it into the freezer to make sure the icecream was all set.


I left the tube of icecream for another day.


Then, to make things even easier, I added a couple drops of the chocolate syrup to the bottom of the tube. 


Then we took the ice to the freezer.


I scoop a spoonful of the ice Cream into the tube, leaving enough room to squeeze a spoon full of milk into it. 8.

Then it was time to bake.


I let it rest for a few minutes before I added it to my cake tray. 


And voila!

It was ready to go!


I filled it with a chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze, and a bit of whipped cream.


I made a cake, but the icing and mousse weren’t quite up to snuff, so I added some chocolate chips.


I also topped the ice with whipped cream and some more chocolate.


To decorate it, I used icing cream and marshmallows.


I’m glad I made this ice cream because I really wanted to use it for a Christmas dinner, but I was worried that it would be too hard to make in the microwave.


If you make this icecream, share your tips with us in the comments! 

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