Vintage sex shop pawns clothes, books, jewellery for £30,000

Vintage sex shop pawns clothes, books, jewellery for £30,000

A sex shop in a busy shopping centre in central London has sold clothes, clothes, jewellers and books for £29,000.

The shop is called Vintage Sex Shop, and it has been open for four years.

The owner says the business has been a hit with people in their 20s and 30s.

She has been selling sex toys, lingerie, vibrators, massage and more for more than a decade. 

Owner Victoria Mokar said she started the business in 2007.

She said: “It was a bit of a shock. 

It was just me and a few people. 

When we first opened up we had some pretty good people who were in the industry. 

We just had to get them into the shop and that was that.” 

“It has grown to a couple of thousand customers every month. 

The prices have increased a lot, it’s like a shopping spree.”

I can only be so grateful to my business owners for letting me keep doing what I love and to my customers for supporting it.” 

They have gone through the puberty, they are older, they’ve grown up.””

A lot of the girls who come here are in their late teens and 20s. 

They have gone through the puberty, they are older, they’ve grown up.”

The fact that they have come here and come to this place is a blessing, it really does make it worthwhile for us.” 

Vintage Sex Shop opened in 2007, with Victoria managing the shop for four seasons. She said: “I love to do the sex shop. 

I’ve been in the business since 2007. 

My dad died when I was 14. 

He worked in a department store, and my mum worked in an estate agent. 

In the early days of the business, we had to work from home, so we went to this location in Hampstead. 

A couple of years ago, the landlord said he was going to put it up for sale and we thought it was really worth taking it on. 

After a bit, he said he’d pay us about £4,000, which we said was a lot of money.

“It was only last week that we realised it was actually worth it.”

Victoria said the store was popular with the older clientele, with many younger girls coming in to buy lingerie.

She also said there were some customers who didn’t realise that it was illegal to sell sex toys online.

Victoria said:”They were not sure that they could actually buy sex toys on the internet.”

They would come to the shop to buy sex toy but would then find out that they were buying a product that was illegal, so they had to go and buy it legally.

“Victoria has been using the money she made to buy more toys for the shop, and she said the sex toys were popular with her customers.

She said the shop had also been successful in helping young people with the HIV/Aids crisis, and was able to offer some support to those in her care.

Victoria said that while she had not been able to sell as much as she would have liked, she had a lot more fun in her life.

She added: We are so lucky that we have this business that is so popular with people who are so young.”

For them to be able to go out and buy sex is something they are not even aware of, and they are really appreciative of the money that we are able to give them.” 

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