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Microsoft has the most unique shopping network on the web: Microsoft

Microsoft has the most unique shopping network on the web: Microsoft

Microsoft has acquired a shopping network that offers a wide range of unique online shopping experiences.

The company bought a small company called Tasty, a company that makes online grocery shopping experience called TASMO, which specializes in “food shopping,” as well as a social media management service called Zulip, which sells personalised food recommendations.

Tasty’s service will be used by Microsoft to build its online grocery network, called Zomato.

Zomato will allow shoppers to shop for groceries and other food products on Microsoft’s platform, which is an open-source marketplace that allows for free, in-store purchases.ZOMAXO’s first app, Zomatos Kitchen, was released earlier this year, but it was not available in its native Android app.TASMO offers a “quick checkout” feature for food products that is similar to Google’s checkout experience.

Users can use this service to select their desired product and then enter a quantity, price and quantity and quantity plus one.

The checkout process then generates a list of the available products in the app and they can buy them.

Tasmo’s shopping experience has been downloaded over 1 million times.

TASmo said the network has over 15 million users, and it has been working with over 3,000 food stores to integrate the service into their systems.TASTY, TASMOS KITCHEN, and ZOMATOS KITchen are now available on

Tastiest, Zam, Zmoo and Zomata also are now supported on and .TASM is a new company that was started in 2013 to build an online grocery system, called Basket, that uses the Microsoft shopping platform.

Zmoo is a social shopping service that is now available for purchase on, as well.TESTED OUT: TASMAO: WHAT’S NEW IN THIS NEXT VERSION OF ZOMAZO?

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