How to Buy a Cheap ’90s ’70s ‘90%’ Movie Box Set for $40.00 on eBay

How to Buy a Cheap ’90s ’70s ‘90%’ Movie Box Set for $40.00 on eBay

If you’ve been waiting for a bargain that could potentially help you out in the mall, or just want to give a gift to someone, then you might want to consider picking up a copy of this ’90’s ‘90%. 

I was recently looking for a ’90’s ’80s ’50s ’60s ’65’ movie box set that was $40 for the box set, and was available online. 

I ended up getting one of the boxes at the Walmart store for $36.75 (and this was the original price, as far as I know), so I’m glad I got it. 

The boxes come in two different boxes: the original one that was included in the set, which was a set of five Blu-ray discs that were all released in the mid-80s and came with a cover that was actually a blank white poster. 

A special edition DVD pack included the original set, along with all of the discs. 

It comes in both black and white, and has a beautiful paper-bound back cover. 

All of the pictures and information on the box itself is really neat, and all of them are well organized. 

Unfortunately, the original disc is also limited in its color, which is an oddity considering that this DVD set is a $60 set. 

As of this writing, the box is currently only on eBay for $39.99. 

What’s your favorite ’90S ’80S movie set?

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