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How to avoid being hit by a car while driving

How to avoid being hit by a car while driving

The best way to avoid getting hit by your car is to drive as slow as possible.

Photo: Supplied A driver can avoid being seriously injured or killed in a crash by steering clear of the road, keeping their speed down and keeping a safe distance, a study by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has found.

The research found the safest way to drive was to use your mirrors and turn your head.

“The best way is to be very cautious, especially in the beginning,” Professor Ian O’Connell, a road safety researcher at the University of Melbourne, said.

It’s estimated that about 90 per cent of drivers in Australia drive at around 70km/hr. “

You can also use your foot as a brake.”

It’s estimated that about 90 per cent of drivers in Australia drive at around 70km/hr.

But the report found drivers travelling at 50km/hour or more were at a greater risk of serious injury.

Professor O’Connor said the safest road to drive on was the right side of the highway, which is when drivers should drive with the mirrors down and drive as slowly as possible, keeping a distance of about 100 metres.

He said while some drivers are more likely to run a red light than a yellow, it’s important to slow down if you see a vehicle approaching.

“We’ve found the drivers who were the least likely to stop, were more likely than those who were driving at higher speeds to drive recklessly, because they weren’t thinking about the consequences of the behaviour,” he said.

“You can have a pretty safe time if you drive at a safe speed, and it’s not that you need to be doing anything wrong.”

Professor Alan Wilson from the University’s Faculty of Engineering said there were other factors that may contribute to people being injured in road crashes.

“[A driver] can do things like go out of control in a very aggressive way, or hit the vehicle behind them or at a speed that’s more than they can control,” he told the ABC.

He said road accidents could also happen at night, when the roads are dark, and people could be distracted.

“People are more cautious at night,” he added.

Prof Wilson said road safety was an ongoing issue in the country, with more drivers being tested, trained and issued with a learner’s permit in recent years.

It’s also common to see motorists not wearing seatbelts or facing head-on collisions, he said, which could increase the risk of injury.

“It’s something that we’ve been seeing in some parts of the country for some time now,” Professor Wilson said.

“It’s a growing problem and we’re seeing that more and more drivers are not wearing a seatbelt.”

He urged the Government to review the law so people could wear helmets, or face fines and imprisonment.

But while Professor Wilson’s advice is good, the advice from the ATSB may not be enough.

A study by Queensland University found that road safety in Queensland was in “very poor shape”, with one in four drivers facing an “incident” or serious injury in the state.

In NSW, more than half of drivers involved in an accident in a year are required to wear a seat belt, while one in three are found guilty of not wearing one.

Drivers in Victoria are required by law to wear seatbelves at all times, while Queensland drivers have been found to be the worst offenders when it comes to wearing seat belts.

The Queensland study said it was not known how much more people were wearing seatbelt as a result of the laws, but Professor Wilson warned people needed to pay more attention to the laws they were driving.

Dr Lisa Roper, a traffic safety specialist at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, told the Nine Network she did not think many drivers had good driving skills.

She said a driver should not drive if they were distracted and not paying attention.

There are many things that could happen when you are driving with your eyes closed, and you could be hit by another vehicle, Dr Roper said. 

“The best advice I can give is that it’s just better to drive slowly and carefully,” she said.

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