Dive shop finds lost baby penguin in Antarctic sea

Dive shop finds lost baby penguin in Antarctic sea

A baby penguink discovered in Antarctica has been named after a dive shop.

Key points:The penguin was found near the South Pole in the southern Beaufort SeaKey pointsThe penguins mother was also discoveredThe mother was named after her dive shop partnerDive shop owner James Clements found the baby pengual in a cove near the Beaufort sea on Saturday.

“It’s amazing.

It’s the only baby penguinn I’ve ever seen,” Mr Clements said.”

I’ve never seen one before.”

The baby penguill was found just north of the Beauforts in the South Beaufort, which is where Mr Cools dive shop partners James Cables and Mark Clements first discovered the baby.

“There was no one around, so they just picked it up,” Mr Boles said.”[They] had no idea how it ended up there, and we just thought it was a great idea.”

Dive shops and dive centres around the world are now increasingly finding penguin babies, and Mr Cales is excited to see the babies coming home.

“This is really exciting for the penguin world, as it means that we have a baby penguine in the Beaufords waters,” he said.

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