We have a pot shop in the basement of our house

We have a pot shop in the basement of our house

Posted June 24, 2018 10:12:49 The humble pot shop is one of the things that make this house tick.

We have no idea how many people have been living here, but it’s probably close to 2,000.

When we first moved into our new home, we didn’t know what to expect.

It’s a small space with one bedroom, but a large living room and dining area.

We’ve seen the walls covered with posters from all the greats, and we’ve even seen a little bit of a pot busting scene in the corner of the room.

The upstairs area has a large bed, dining area, and kitchen.

The downstairs space has a kitchenette and kitchenette, and there’s a kitchen sink in the main room.

We are always looking for places to put our stuff.

In our old house, we used to keep a small box full of old newspapers on the counter, but now we’ve got an awesome coffee table, a big television, and a couple of books.

There’s even a little couch to sit on.

The first few months of living here were hard, but we have been able to bounce back with some hard work.

My husband and I were so excited to move into this house, but since our previous place was a small, rent-controlled condo, we weren’t sure what we were getting into.

As a first-time renter, we knew we wanted a place where we could spend time with our kids and stay away from our family and friends.

We didn’t want to move out and spend money that we would never need, so we had to make a decision.

It was a tough decision.

We really liked our old place, but our kids were so young that we wanted to have something permanent to spend time at.

While we were looking for something affordable, we found a great spot.

Our landlord is a very friendly person, so he really did see the value in what we have here.

He’s also very knowledgeable about the space, so his attitude toward it made us feel comfortable.

He offered to buy a small part of the space for us, which we gladly accepted.

I’ve been a realtor for quite a while, so I knew that this house would be an amazing place to live.

We were very happy with our new place, and it was great to be able to relax and enjoy our time there.

This is the second house that I’ve been in, and I’m happy to say that it’s one of my favorite places.

Read more about our home.

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